Most people don’t even think about their home’s insulation until the cold winter months when they have trouble getting their rooms warm and toasty. However, it’s important to ensure your house is adequately insulated all year long because it does so much more than help regulate indoor temperatures. Our insulation contractors in Austin, TX, can help you select the best attic insulation solutions for your home so that you can enjoy the benefits of insulation all year long.

Energy Savings

Almost 90% of homes in the United States are under-insulated. This means most families are letting money fly out the window without even realizing it. When your heat or cool air leaks from your attic or basement, your HVAC system must work harder to keep your home at the proper temperature, leading to exponentially high energy bills. By investing in insulation for your home, you could save 15-20% on heating and cooling costs, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It clearly pays to keep your house well-insulated.

Greater Home Comfort

Because insulation prevents air from seeping out of your house, you can enjoy a more comfortable environment. For example, insulation will keep your home warm in the winter, so you don’t have to crank the heat or huddle under a mound of blankets. With a properly insulated house, you’ll be saving money and keeping your family members comfortable.

Less Outside Noise Inside

Are you constantly annoyed by the noises your neighbors make? If it feels like they’re having conversations in your foyer or pushing their lawn mower through your living room, you may benefit from having more insulation installed. While it’s not completely possible to make your house soundproof, you can significantly reduce noise pollution by having a professional insulate your attic and exterior walls.

Better Home Value

If you’re thinking about selling your home within the next few years, you will want to consider investing in new home insulation. Homebuyers are more interested in houses with adequate insulation because they know it will allow them to save on energy costs and keep their home comfortable season after season.

Lower Carbon Footprint

If you’re conscientious of how your actions impact the environment, you will appreciate knowing that the right insulation can help reduce your carbon footprint. Because insulation ensures your HVAC system remains energy efficient, you use less energy and, therefore, produce fewer emissions. The professionals at Gold Eagle Services can also help you select an insulation option that has minimal impact on the environment.

Enjoy the Benefits of Home Insulation Today

If you’re ready to save on energy costs and create a more comfortable environment for enjoying life with your family, turn to Gold Eagle Services for professional insulation installations. We have a range of options to keep your house comfortable all year long, including blown-in, spray foam, and fiberglass insulation. Contact us today to discuss your options for insulating your house. If you’re hoping to get your home ready for winter, ask us if installing a new furnace unit along with insulation is the right option for you!


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