Pathogenic contamination can cause serious illness and disease if not properly eradicated. At Gold Eagle Services , we use the same Dry Fog technology that we use to kill mold, but instead, create a germ barrier that remains suspended in the air until all the germs are destroyed.

    Disinfection and Sterilization

    At Gold Eagle Services , we use our patented two-part system to create a germ barrier – the same groundbreaking technology used to kill mold.

    We begin by filling your building or room with an EPA registered dry fog called InstaPURE. This fog is ultra-penetrating and leaves absolutely zero residues. Once the fog has filled the capacity of the room and made contact with all surfaces, it remains suspended in the air for the desired dwell time until all germs are destroyed.

    What You Can Expect When We Provide Pathogen Treatment Services

    Gold Eagle Services is proudly and professionally offering home pathogen treatment in the greater Austin Texas area.

    Gold Eagle Services then proceeds with the second step of the system. A similar fog as utilized in step one, an EPA-registered fog called EverPURE is introduced to the room. EverPURE is dry and leaves no residue but does create an antimicrobial barrier on all surfaces of the room that ensure your home or business will be germ-free for 90 days.

    We perform a precise home pathogen treatment service at an honest price. At Gold Eagle Services , your home is our priority and because of that, we insist only on the best work on and in your home. A major way in which we ensure this quality assurance is through our employee training and certification process.

    What process do you use to remove pathogens from my home?

    Step 1: InstaPURE

    The first of Pure Maintenance’s two-step process is a fog called InstaPURE. InstaPURE is a powerful disinfectant that identifies mold spores throughout your home and then destroys them. By turning the mold spore into inert matter, your family can breathe a healthy sigh of relief knowing that the mold in your home is gone.

    InstaPURE is such a strong disinfectant, it will disinfect any surface it touches. InstaPURE is also used in hospitals, daycares, gyms, and cars.

    Step 2: EverPURE

    EverPURE is the second application in the Pure Maintenance mold remediation system. InstaPURE can disinfect virtually any home, office, or other building. But, what happens when new bacteria and viruses enter the premises? EverPURE provides an EPA-verified 90 days of protection once it has been applied. This antimicrobial leaves zero residue but sits on your keyboard, doorknobs, and every other surface of your home waiting for the next bacteria or virus looking for a place to land. When any bacteria or viruses attempt to land on the surface of your home, EverPURE destroys the cell on contact.

    *Both InstaPURE and EverPURE are EPA-approved in all 50 States.

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