If you’ve ever dealt with mold in your home, you already know that this stubborn scourge tends to come back again and again, no matter how hard you fight the good fight. And since mold is toxic for you and your family to inhale, giving up isn’t an option. So should you double down and attack that merciless mold yourself, or should you get professional help?

Even though it may seem tempting to grab a scrub brush and attempt to remove mold yourself, this project isn’t one that’s DIY-friendly. From a lack of specialized equipment to a genuine danger to your health and safety, there are many reasons why you should always rely on experts for mold remediation in Austin and the surrounding areas. Here’s what you need to know!

They Have the Knowledge

One of the best reasons to schedule professional mold removal with experts is that they truly understand the scope of the problem. Different types of mold need to be treated differently, so if you have a mold problem, an experienced team will begin the process with a mold inspection. After analyzing the types of mold spores in different areas of your home, they’ll create an effective plan to remove any and all of these contaminants, then follow each step thoroughly until the mold is gone for good!

They Have the Tools

Even if you know a thing or two about mold yourself, it’s still unwise to try DIY mold removal because chances are good that you don’t have the tools or supplies used by a professional mold remediation company. Pros use specialized equipment and chemicals to remove mold growth and clean mold-damaged areas, and because of their potency, most of these products aren’t available on the consumer market.

The tools used by professional mold removal experts are hard to acquire — and on top of it all, they require professional training to operate. Experts use negative air pressure machines, bulky room-sealing equipment, and other complicated machinery when dealing with mold problems. Most homeowners don’t know how to use these tools effectively or safely, and unfortunately, watching a quick YouTube video isn’t going to cut it.

You’ll Stay Safe

You don’t just get your hands dirty when you clean mold away from a surface. You’re getting your lungs dirty, too — and this dirt isn’t easy to wash off. Mold can affect areas up to several square feet away, and without the right personal protective equipment (PPE), you’ll be breathing in toxic mold spores for an extended period of time. Particularly allergenic types of mold, such as black mold, can cause shortness of breath and other allergy symptoms. Mold exposure can also cause long-term problems, including respiratory disease, inflammation, and even cognitive impairment. Keep yourself safe from these dangers and call experts for help.

You’ll Save Time & Money

Without the right equipment, training, or process, you may very well end up worsening your mold problem or causing water damage to your home, which can cost you even more time and money. In fact, if mold removal is done incorrectly, you can actually end up spreading the mold. When mold spreads through your living space, it can wind up in everything from your HVAC systems to your attic, basement, or crawlspace. 

Save your free time and your cash by doing it right and hiring professionals the first time. If you have a mold-damaged HVAC unit, find more information about mini-split installation costs or contact us for a quote.

Satisfaction Is Guaranteed

When you try DIY mold removal, you’ll never truly be sure if you eradicated every last spore of mold in each wall cavity of your home. But by hiring professionals to remove mold from your home, you’ll be able to enjoy peace of mind that the mold is actually gone for good. And since a professional mold remediation company will employ strategies to not just remove mold but prevent it from coming back, you can finally enjoy life mold-free!

Get the Mold Out For Good!

If you’re dealing with the moldy menace, it’s time to put your foot down. Contact Gold Eagle Services to book mold remediation, and our skilled service team will be right there to make the mold move out for good! We’re looking forward to helping restore your health and peace of mind.

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