Spring has come and gone. Now, be honest—did you clean your HVAC system out?

If not, there’s still time! When you’re cleaning the rest of your house, make sure you clean out your HVAC system before summer gets hotter.

Your home’s HVAC system is essential to the comfort AND SAFETY of your family, and it can only do that if it’s clean.

Check out these tips to help you enjoy a safe and comfortable home this summer (and the rest of the year).

#1. Before you do any cleaning, make sure the power to your HVAC system is turned off. That is most important for your safety. The last thing you want is to injure yourself. Even if you think you’ll be careful, it’s better to be safe; turn off your power as the first step any time you plan to work in or near your HVAC system.

#2. Remove the filter in your HVAC system and replace it. Or, if you have recently replaced it, clean it. Air is forced through the filter but that gets harder and harder for your HVAC system to do if the filter is clogged with dirt and debris. Clean it out at least once a month and replace your filter at least once every three months. Only use filters that have been approved by the manufacturer so you don’t risk losing your warranty.

#3. If you have an external air conditioning unit, go outside and look at it. Make sure that the unit is free from debris that often accumulates around it during the fall and winter. Often, leaves and clippings will start to build inside the unit and at the vents.

#4. While you’re looking at your air conditioning unit, clean the fan blades and the coils (which can also pick up debris).

#5. Walk around the inside of your home and look at all the vents—the ones that blow warm and cool air FROM your HVAC system and the ones that pull air INTO your HVAC system. Make sure both types of vents are not blocked so that air can freely get in. (This will not only ensure that you get clean fresh air throughout your house, it also helps you save money by keeping your HVAC system from doing too much work to draw in air.)

#6. Think about the last time you had your ducts cleaned. If it isn’t in the last year, then contact a company to come out and clean your ducts. All that dust and debris that accumulated over the winter can be removed so it’s not recirculating.

Summertime is here, and that means enjoying the freshness of a new season with loads of sun and that essential A/C. The next time you clean your home, don’t forget about the HVAC system that has been working so hard—and reward it with a good cleaning! Your HVAC system will run more efficiently and your family will be safer and more comfortable for it!

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